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Trephine makes creating ultra-rich web applications easy by bringing the full power of the desktop to the web developer. This is achieved by executing privileged JavaScript code through a tiny (~25kb) signed Java applet.

With trephine you can:

  • read and write from the file system,
  • open sockets for listening,
  • connect to remote systems
  • access the system clipboard, and much more.

Most modern operating systems and browsers are supported. See platform support for details.

Starting points

  • Demos - Interactive tutorials, examples and documentation to get you started quickly
  • Blog - Check out the project blog to keep track of new developments. [subscribe]
  • Getting started - Learn how to hotlink trephine resources from your project
  • Contact - Got feedback?


Creating ultra-rich, desktop quality, web applications shouldn't be hard.

Traditionally, an application developer had to make a fundamental choice for each project: desktop or web. On the one hand, a desktop application has great control over the user's system, but requires an explicit download/install process prior to first run, and often requires significant effort to build, test and deploy in a mixed-OS environment. On the other hand, a web application makes cross-platform development and delivery much easier, but at the cost of losing powerful desktop features such as multi-threaded development and file system access to name just two.

The goal is simple: make cross-browser, cross-platform web development the most powerful and easiest way to deliver feature-rich graphical applications. In other words, make the browser the obvious choice and never look back.
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